Gotta know Cosplay


Cosplay , “costume roleplay” for short, is now a world-wide term for an act of basically dressing-up in elaborate outfits or costumes with accessories of a certain character or idea.

What best describes this person is called a “Cosplay participant” or formally known as a Cosplayer.Cosplayers seek out characters that are usually sourced in various Asian media (comic books, video games, music bands, movies etc). The idea they all keep in mind is to wear their costumes and reenact scenes or inventing likely behavior inspired by their chosen sources.


If we celebrate the day of Hallow’s Eve and dress-up as fictional characters according to their tradition, Cosplay costumes are radically different.  Cosplayers become one with the character they cosplay. Details of the costume is very critical. One can spend the entire month (or year mind you) to make a perfect costume. Others can simply take days, depending on the simplicity on the costume and the resources you have. But to every cosplayer, it is the challenge one feels when they create their character to life.

This very idea sets every other cosplayer’s desire to see others costumes so they gather in events almost 10 times every year, building the so-called Cosplay community. But for other reasons, cosplayers just attend these events for the exposure, fame or not. It builds up one’s pride in self-achievement and confidence.


There are different types of trends when you enter the Cosplay community. One is called “crossplay”, when you dress as the opposite sex. An example, a female cosplaying as Light from Death Note.

The other is called “cross-dress”, when you cosplay a character who dresses as the opposite sex. Like a male cosplaying as a guy character who likes to dress-up in female clothes. Because the Japanese culture revolves a lot around beautiful youths, people tend to crossplay or cross-dress for that very reason.

And then emerging in the late 1980s, a “cos-tripper”.. one who cosplays, don’t enter contests but attend events to be photographed.  Many have decided that this is the easiest way of being recognized (dressing up literally so you won’t be left out). Sometimes they tend to modify the original character’s costume to their own.

Another is called a “Con-goer”, one who doesn’t cosplay at all but attends conventions to either get updated, meet up with friends, take pictures, go wild or buy stuff from the event.

Basically this is as much as I can say. Cosplaying is one of the most enjoyable hobby of all time. Some even make a career out of it. But sometimes, we cannot always ignore the up-and-downs of its darker side.

This, I will continue some time..


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