What you need

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

This is what pretty much goes around the cosplay community. When people see how much effort you put into your costume, they appreciate you a big number of times. Worship you even. But once they see something wrong, whether in your costume or your act, their word spreads in the community like the speed of light. And I’m telling you, it’s not always pretty. So you have to keep in mind the value of what makes your costume worth it.. the costume itself.

Your costume can be made out of anything depending on your character’s design. Here I shall share ideas/ suggestions and the resources on a budget basis:

1) FABRIC. You have to be very observative on this subject. Because there have been many cosplays displaying the wrong fabric, making them look.. well, wrong. Just because the material is cheaper doesn’t mean you have to necessarily go for it. If your character’s outfit is a simple woven uniform, don’t go for satin glossy. If you love your character you will go to extremes! *ahem* ok not entirely. What I’m saying is, don’t ruin it. At least get one part/area of your costume in the right fabric so that you will look believable! Trust me, it helps!

There are only two types of fabrics: A) Knits/ Jersey. This is your regular 100% cotton, mostly found in t-shirts. B) Woven/Muslin. The material we use in bottom slacks and school uniforms.

Knits/Jersey comes in various forms. Whether they can be soft material like cotton (t-shirts) or heavier like a blanket. The Woven/Muslin category also has different materials. Examples are satin (gowns), velvet (felt-like), corduroy, twill (uniforms)..  among others.


2) MATERIALS/ PROPS. This includes your weapon, body accessory, and etc.

Body accessories are easy to find. You knows you might even find what you’re looking for right in your drawers, your sister’s closet, your mom’s jewelries or even under your nose. Of course, don’t forget to ask permission! If your accessory calls for a little unique design, like a winged clip or pearl beaded earrings, you can always glue together a masterpiece of your own with something new and old.

The hardest props you will worry about are.. *drums* weapons, hands down. The item itself is a challenge to every cosplayer. Unless there is a ready-made weapon you can find in Toy stores: such as toy guns, toy swords and ninja gear.. you’re lucky enough to just pose and smile. But the toy store is also a great place to get ideas on how you can create such a weapon. Otherwise, the most commonly used material in making weapons & difficult props is Rubber Sheet. As the name calls, it’s a material made out of rubber. It can be cut with your regular scissors or cutter but should be glued with Gecko (if not, Rugby or superglue is also fine).

Then of course, there are things that beautify your props. PAINT! Poster color, water color, spray paint, ink pens and the like. Best place to find these are your closest book stores and supplies. You’ll never know what else you find there!


3) WIGS/ HAIRSTYLE. There are many stores where you can find the wig (or style) you’re looking for. There are about 3 –  4 good stores in your local market where wigs range from all types of wig length and rainbow colors.

Common colors are the natural types: Black, Brown, Dark brown, Auburn and Chestnut. Striking colors include: Lilac, Blue, Orange, and Rainbow among others. Some stores are expensive because of wig quality, and others have cheap ones with good quality too.

TIP: If you want the natural look, go for the matte feel. I mean, there are wigs that shine like silk but it just makes you look more fake. Like a doll for example. Even Barbie has better hair. I’ve always gone for the “real-hair” types, or that’s what the sales people call it. I know these are pricey but it gives you a more convincing look.

Unfortunately, only some wigs are that hard to find.  Especially when there’s a specific style and color you won’t find in natural hair. Ok I’m not an expert in this but the best advice I can give you (aw don’t give me that look) is to get it online. I have to warn you though, not all the price is the same. Do canvas for the same look but look carefully at the price. Always ask these questions before you hit that “BUY NOW” button: Why is it so expensive? Why is this cheaper? Is it the hair quality? Is this the right color?

If you really can’t find the perfect wig, you have to be creative. Resourcefulness is important too. For example, there’s a wig you found but it didn’t have the right color and you don’t have time to look for another. You can always use color hair-spray to fix your problem.  Make sure you get the washable ones! For other emergencies, people tend to actually dye their hair or use color hair wax. Others mix and match. Wear a short wig and use hair extensions to give it volume. Now that’s being creative!



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