MJK Project#2: Ah my Goddess!

My wallet started to slowly die by the end of the month. I have finally past deadline and amidst the chaos in our company’s Tradeshow this week, it still came out successful. I didn’t want my wallet to suffer anymore coz’ I’m seriously loosing it, so I attended the last event of the month Metro Comic Con 2010. Unfortunately, I was still sick, down with another serious cough but I didn’t let it stop me from debuting our MaJeKa’s second major project: Ah My Goddess!

Oh my Goddess! group

Katz as Belldandy, Goddess of Present

Jessica as Urd, Goddess of Past

Maddie as Skuld, Goddess of Future

Once again, it brightened up things to know how much fans still love the old anime! I can’t thank everyone who supported us on this, friends and photographers alike!


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