MJK project#1: Magic Knight Rayearth

MaJeKa spent most of the time working on their 1st big group project . They had a lot of canvassing, research, encounters & adventures to build this. Until the awaited day arrived, they debuted MJK Project#1: Magic Knight Rayearth on the I AI ANIME event on Aug. 11, 2010.

Magic Knight Rayearth Group w/ Mokona

Me as Fuu Hououji

Jessica as Umi Ryuuzaki

and Maddie as Hikaru Shidou


Personally, mjk Katz was really nervous. It’s like thesis defense or stage fright or meet-the-parents feeling all over again. But thankfully, the group debut was a success. Most fans were really happy that they cosplayed an old anime. They’d like to thank all their friends who supported them (you know who you are), esp to pepz (for the extreme effort) ..uhh & their n#1 fan Devian Grey hehe! *huggles*


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