MJK Project#1a: KPOP Fest 2010

It was an event after the other. Because the next day was the most awaited event for most fans and if you were one, then STAY AWAY FROM ME! hehehe just kiddin’! ahhh the KPOP and Culture fest 2010!

MaJeKa girls with Michelle of the Mishiellenous Booth

Maybe it was fortunate that I wasn’t much of a Korean pop fan or else my duty as an event marshall here would’ve been in pieces. I’ve been a marshall before but based on my overview, this is one hell different!

Picture this:
1) 8am in the morning there was already a line piled up outside our event venue. And we’re not supposed to be open yet till 10am.
2) If you’re in Kpop fashion, poeple will think you might be a KPOP star or celebrity that they will hog you for pictures.. even if you’re a marshall/host!
3) Anyone who looks too korean/japanese is a victim to fangirls and fanboys.
4) The fans would scream to seeing their most favorite band/singer.. even just on TV/AV Screen! Imagine if it were live??
5) We literally rocked the house! The floor under us even called our attention to minimize the jumping frenzy. *faint*

The girls and I were marshals but we dressed in style.

Maddie as Blue Caramel

Jessica as Purple Caramel

Katz as Pink Caramel

It was one of the craziest times.. even if it was so damn awesome nyaha!


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