Project Photography


I’ve engaged myself in organizing photoshoots as a hobby. One of my biggest achievement so far is something I called “Project Fantasy”. I’ve obsessed myself with Tetsuya Nomura’s Final Fantasy characters that I created a small collection of these projects. It was actually inspired by a friend who started it. I simply continued his foot steps. *hugs glitch88* Batch 1, included series VIII and vsXIII (pictures above) went successful last April 19 2009. See more here: Final Fantasy VIII and vs.XIII exclusive


Batch 2 (series VII) is the pride of my projects as of the moment. I’m uber happy the participants (cosplayers and photogs alike) were happy to be part of it. This is where I got to work with more than 5 participants and it was a challenge to handle all of them. It was a good thing I had some print-outs for reference pics to help me out or else the shoot would’ve been totally random. See more here: Final Fantasy VII exclusive

by quienx - FF group2

Then there was a collaboration with a close friend and fellow FF fan. She wanted to have this shoot of all the couplings in every FF series and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I didn’t count as being a cosplayer myself until she had me in the last minute. Haha! But it was fun nonetheless! I had to direct and pose at the same time! This was also a one-of-kind shoot since every shot was a one-woman capture. Yes we had about 10 cosplayers and only one photographer, which didn’t equal the ratio but she was all we had and we were very grateful to her! See more here:  Final Fantasy Pairing exclusive

by jannywoot - group 1by glitch88 - group 1by z3ll - group yuripa

My most faved project went on doing a girls-only-photoshoot and that had to fall on these lovely ladies.  I didn’t know that one of them was already a well-known cosplayer before I invited her to the shoot, so her accepting it was really an honor for me. See more here: Final Fantasy X2: Project YuRiPa exclusive

The final project to end such a series landed on Dissidia. Of course like its creators, having collaborated the great minds and creations from all Final Fantasy series was one of the most brilliant ideas in the world! You get to see the progress you have done through out the years of creating the series. I felt the same when I completed this photoshoot. No words can express how thankful I am for its participants and photographers. See more here: Final Fantasy DISSIDIA

I’m open for more collaborations and other shoots you’d like me to help you with. Just send me a PM or email.

Photos by: z3ll, Ron del rosario, Hans Bernardo, Quiela Sandel, Jan Castolo, Rani, Andre, and Ana Rapsing


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