MaJeKa Shop

Main poster for MJK Shop

This year 2011, MaJeKa opens their little booth in the much awaited Kpop event: Dream Seoul, at the Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park, Pasay City. It started with just selling hand-made crochet hats online.

Additional items such as wigs, costumes, pre-loved items were included in the latter part. When someone saw potential in this little group, he made it come to reality. He stepped up and coordinated with the girls. Now how could they say no?

Among the best-selling items are the MJK Dream Bottles. It’s your zodiac in a bottle! It has your birthstones inside and a magic scroll that holds your personalities. It was the perfect gift for those mushy couples out there in the special month of love!

Among other things, they also sell those intriguing Abracadaboxes. Have you ever played Ragnarok? If yes, then you are familiar with BBB (big blue box). It’s like a treasure chest. You don’t know what’s inside but you know it is still a treasure. When you buy these Abracadabox, many treasures await you inside. It may be a mobile charm, hair accessory, earrings, pendants and many more!

And the fun part is.. the little Abracadabox Twister Game! Say Abracadabox thirty times without distraction and you get one more box FREE! Let the hunt begin!

We hope to see more from this shop soon! We will be there in every Kpop event, as well as Anime Conventions you will find this year. See you soon! :3


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  1. Sese
    Feb 08, 2011 @ 08:59:36

    Hi Katz! I’ll be changing your links 😀


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