Cosplay Resume

I’d just like to share my compilation of Cosplays since the first time I entered the hobby.

It has grown into me and taught me a lot as well.


Category: Original Fashion / C
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: no First worn at: ToyCon 2008
Inspiration: I’ve always wanted to go as a cross between a ninja girl and a butt-kickin’ sexy samurai! I remember wearing a semi-kimono (Yuna inspired) gown for my 18th debut and the idea of re-creting into a costume of my comic’s main character, Kasai was just perfect!
Favorite aspect: the concept itself was my favorite part. i didn’t expect such a costume thought of out of thin air could actually look good!
Hardest task/aspect: finding the weapon.. my costume might have taken a day, but finding a cool weapon to go w/ it was difficult. It was my first time to cosplay and i didn’t want to spend so much!
Costume maker: i forgot her name, but she made the original gown
Photographer: my cousin
Other photo information: you’ll find more here: 

Category: Game Series
Completed: 99 % Cosplay group: no First worn at: Cosply Mania 2008
Inspiration: My best friend was going as Rinoa Heartilly, so naturally as her partner-in-crime I went as cheerful free-spirited Selphie as her back to back buddy. Plus, Selphie has always been my favorite FF character so it wasn’t a problem!
Favorite aspect: the costume overall. i knew what fabric to find, the weapons to improvise and the accessories to wear!
Hardest task/aspect: definitely the hair! i had several tests and every one of them failed me.. ah well, in the last minute fortunately. i’ve managed to keep retain its glory till half of the event.
Costume maker: P.Calipes, my officemate (he’s a natural pattern maker and tailor)
Photographer: my boyfriend
Other photo information: the background sucks, but it is the only full profile i have of the costume. i’ll re-do another photoshoot for this Selphie next time and upload it here too! 

more photos:

Category: TV Series
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: none First worn at: home.. for a trial shoot
Inspiration: I\’ve always adored Sakura from Card Captors. But I was worried of not having to achieve that sweet childish look since i\’m not that young for it. Then TRC came out in stores, the net, in paper.. I knew I just had to be \”that\” older version of Sakura. My cousin even pushed me to do her~
Favorite aspect: Finding Mokona haha! and the thrill of wearing the costume in its completion!
Hardest task/aspect: the blue stones for Sakur’s costume.. X_x
Costume maker: P. Calipes, my officemate and Sir Jo, my tailor
Photographer: Hans, Jam & Z3LL
Other photo information: more from Photoshoot here:

Category: Game Series
Completed: 99 % Cosplay group: FF family First worn at: Pairing photoshoot
Inspiration: The character\’s dress actually inspired me to make a version for myself so I could wear it on my 18th birthday. Years after, I wore this again for a photoshoot and modified the dress to look as close as the character as possible. Many also commented how I suit her very much~! *blush*
Favorite aspect: Of the dress: Painting the cherry blossoms.
Of the theme: Doing the character\’s trademark poses.. it was fun~!
Hardest task/aspect: hmm.. none so far.
Costume maker: a friend of my aunt\’s.. wahh i 4got manang\’s name!!
Photographer: Quiela
Other photo information: more shots of the FF pairing shoot here:


Category: Game
Completed: 99 % Cosplay group: LoL First worn at: PNU tanabata /09
Inspiration: I remember playing the game and Noa’s victory cries just made me love her even more!
Favorite aspect: Sewing the costume myself..
Practicing poses..
Hardest task/aspect: none.. she was too simple to wear! *love*
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: kinoshi14
Other photo information: More of it here:

Category: Game Series
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: Project Dewprism First worn at: Cosplay Mania 2009
Inspiration: From the character mostly. Mint was a very strong girl, heart and mind. I love how much she portrayed in the game itself.
Favorite aspect: The boots! LOL seriously, these boots served me well!
Hardest task/aspect: the hair.. again! Had to turn my beautiful pink wig into two high pony-tails for this and color it a bright orange! X_x
Costume maker: my officemate, sir pete.. some i did myself
Photographer: z3ll and jerome
Other photo information: 

Category: Comic
Completed: 99 % Cosplay group: none First worn at: Mangaholix manga mania 2009
Inspiration: When I first saw her standee in the comic’s studio headquarters, i just feel in love with her.
Favorite aspect: The hair. Everyone said i looked better in curls nyaha~!
Hardest task/aspect: none really.
Costume maker: me
Photographer: Pepz and Kuya kiko
Other photo information: 


Category: Original Fashion / C
Completed: 98 % Cosplay group: The Saligia First worn at: Okatu Expo 2010
Inspiration: I was pushed to try my cousin’s original characters. But turns out I was actually going to promote her products and this character is one of many favorites.
Favorite aspect: making the dress & styling the wig..
Hardest task/aspect: the skirt part. grrr…
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: Jerome Santos
Other photo information: more from him here: 

Category: Anime / Manga
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: BBB team philippines First worn at: Bakugan movie premier: New Vestoria @ Eastwood Cit
Inspiration: My company asked my help in looking for a team. When I was able to form one, I was to be either of the two girl characters. I had chosen Alice, since she suits me more than Runo does hehe!
Favorite aspect: The fact that finding the costume & modifying it only took me one day! X3
Hardest task/aspect: None really.. oh maybe except for the boots, killer heels grrr!
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: Ian a.k.a. Deviangray
Other photo information: more from the movie premier here: 

Category: Comic
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: MaJeKa First worn at: Philippine Cosplay Convention 2010
Inspiration: I was never fond of blue nor was the water-type person. But a lot of my girl friends said I was like Sailor mercury in personality. Funny how that turned out, i actually enjoyed it!
Favorite aspect: Mix-matching what to wear for our casual theme.
Hardest task/aspect: none
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: Maddie Liao
Other photo information: more from the event here: 

Category: Game
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: Tekken group First worn at: Tekken photoshoot @ UST
Inspiration: This was a special costume for just a photoshoot we had one day. I was invited to join the group & Julia was immediately my choice.
Favorite aspect: I had to revamp old clothes to make this one.
Hardest task/aspect: finding the accessories..
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: Hans bernardo
Other photo information: more from the photoshoot here: 

Category: Game
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: FF Family First worn at: Photoshoot
Inspiration: My friends and I were forming a Dissidia group & almost everybody wanted me to be Terra. Now how can I refuse to pretty character with my favorite color on her?
Favorite aspect: again, making the costume esp. painting the flower patterns on it and on the stockings.
Hardest task/aspect: the wig, hands down! my 1st attempt was a fail since it was supposed to be in high pony not low. 2nd attempt improved a bit, with a lil more accessories and a tiara.
Costume maker: Me, and knie for my sword
Photographer: Hans Bernardo
Other photo information:


Category: Game
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: Street fighter First worn at: Cosplay Mania X 2010
Inspiration: It was an old game me and my brothers used to love. There was only character I loved, and it was Sakura~!
Favorite aspect: Actually kicking butts~!
Hardest task/aspect: Everyone wanted me to do Sakura’s traditional victory jump.. *cough* w/ panty shot *cough*
Costume maker: Kia Keary
Photographer: Raisa de Pano
Other photo information: More here:


Category: Anime/Manga Series
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: n/a First worn at: DGM mini-photoshoot on my roofdeck
Inspiration: My bestfriend and cosplay partner wanted to try somethng new beside our fandom over Final Fantasy characters. She chose this one particular anime. I wasn’t supposed to be in it till she asked me to join her.. 😛

She has been on cosplay haitus for as long as i can remember, so this shoot is a special comeback! I mishyuuuuu my bunneh~! *huggles*

Favorite aspect: it’s my 1st crossplay~! haha i must admit, crossplaying is actually fun! Now i’m itching for some yaoi/yuriness ho ho ho!
Hardest task/aspect: being a guy
Costume maker: mang jojo
Photographer: Glen Camson
Other photo information: more here:


Category: Game Series
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: Team feline First worn at: Christmas Toy bazaar 2010
Inspiration: I was assigned to this character, after my friends and I decided to form the group. I have nothing in common w/ Rin but she seems like the darker side of me for some reason.

Plus, I’ve always wanted to try a ninja~! :3

Favorite aspect: making the ninja outfit
Hardest task/aspect: the arm gaurds
Costume maker: Me
Photographer: Manuel
Other photo information: more here:


Category: TV Series
Completed: 100 % Cosplay group: gundam wing group First worn at: Cosplay Mania X – day 2
Inspiration: He was my second cross-play. I could not have been happier to do him coz’ I love everything abt this persona in Gundam.
Favorite aspect: Painting the golden griffins on his shirt
Hardest task/aspect: maintaining the wig
Costume maker: me
Photographer: Giann potente
Other photo information: more here:
and here:











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