CosFeature #1: Sese Ramirez

I started out as a con-goer back then. It mattered so much to me how accurate and realistic one person can go to look exactly like the character they are cosplaying. So I’d like to take this opportunity to feature some of my favorite Cosplayers, whom I’ve had such honor in meeting and befriending along the way.. -katz

Feature n#1: Nepherteri Ramirez.. aka Sese

K- Konnichiwa Sese-san! Thank you so much for squeezing some time for me. Let us start from the beginning, shall we? Your interest in cosplay, how and when did it start?

SR- It all started when I saw a few otakus cosplaying before during Culture Crash Convention way back. It got me thinking that someday I want to do that too, however during that time I was in college and resources was rather poor. I don’t know who to approach and what to do. So during my college days, I just used to admire cosplayers wishing to be just like them. Then oppurtunity knocked when a friend of mine invited me to cosplay with her and I said yes. From then on, I got hooked.

K- Ooohhh! Tell me, did you make your first costume? Or you had it tailored?

SR- Unfortunately, sewing is not one of my best talents. I had it tailored. All of my costumes are tailored. Though some of the accessories I use are made by me.

K- And do you prefer solo or group cosplays?

SR- Actually it depends but most of time I do solo cosplay since I only have to follow and manage my own time. Solo cosplays are more to your own pacing. Though I also like group cosplays and it depends on the group too. I don’t like working with people who are ningas-kugon or all-talk, all planning but never getting the job done. Since I seldom do group cosplay, I really do enjoy collaborating with people or friends who wanted to cosplay a character from the same series with me.


K- I see! How much has cosplay taught you? Pros and Cons?

SR- Cosplay taught me a lot. The pros would be how I learned to put make-up on properly and efficiently, and I’m continuously learning. I also learned how to style my own wig and like putting on make-up, I’m still trying to hone my skills on it. Cosplay also taught me to be more creative, to find new innovations to make cosplay easier and more fun. Another pro is that I made a lot of friends, locally and internationally.

The cons of cosplay that it is an expensive hobby but the pro side to it, it taught me how to budget and improvise things for my cosplay so that I don’t have to spend that much. Then there are people who will judge you and bash you about your cosplays like it doesn’t look nice, it doesn’t look good on you etc. Another con about cosplay is that there are a lot of unecessary issue popping in and out, and you would find yourself entangled in them. But the good thing about getting involved, is you’ll learn how to play and move yourself in and out of what you call “cosplay politics” and eventually you’ll learn who to trust and not to trust.

K- Have you cosplayed abroad as well? If yes, how can you compare it locally? If not, what could you have wished for?

SR- Yes, I have cosplayed abroad already. That was last Anime Asia Festival 2010 in Singapore when me and Kune Delgado represented the Philippines for Regional Cosplay Competition. I cosplayed T-elos from Xenosaga III for the competition and Hagane Miku during Day 1 of AFA 2010.

HAGANE MIKU –  Vocaloid

T-ELOS: Xenosaga III

Comparing it locally, I could say that the convention in Singapore is more organized and and there’s a lot of space. Most of the cons here are held in the mall and malls are usually crowded with no proper place for cosplayers to just sit around or rest. There, since they have the proper venue, coslayers will sit and rest in one corner and no security guard will reprimand them and shoo them away.

K – Whoa really? Cosplay aside, what do you do outside the hobby/community?

SR – At the moment I’m taking my masteral degree in Ateneo De Manila. And when I’m not cosplaying or preparing for cosplay I usually surf the net (always OL on plurk & YM), read manga scanlations, listening to music, reading books or hanging out with my friends.

Cosplay, despite being expensive and time-consuming in some cases, is fun and it hones your creativity. Though the good part is that, you get to know new people and befriend them. however, be careful befriending people in the community. There are those who will take advantage of either your popularity, your connections and your trust. Some will even backstab you. Despite the negatives, the cosplay community is fun but you just have to have a high tolerance and filter out the negativity.

K- Got it. So based on your experience, how’s about a message to aspiring cosplayers out there?

SR – Never get discouraged when people criticize you in a good or bad way. When you’re critized, learn from it and see the essence of it. Listen to advises and suggestions but don’t follow them at once. Filter out things you think is a bad advice/suggestion from the good ones. Hone your skill and never stop learning.

Hai! Even that didn’t stop me. Hehe! What I totally admire about Ms. Ramirez, she has a unique way of portraying the character’s personalities. How colorful she brings them to life with her conceptual and artistic side just never ceases to amaze me!

Many thanks again to the awesome and wonderful Sese! If you want to know more about her, you can visit her Facebook page or check out her other awesome cosplays in DeviantArt.

Photo by: Tami Ballesteros

Til next feature! *huggles*


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  1. Sese
    Feb 28, 2011 @ 01:38:17

    Thanks for the feature my dear :3


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