CosFeature #2: Marko Villaluz

“I believe a photograph is worth a thousand words. What makes it more worth is when you have captured an amazing photo! A cosplayer’s existence is exposed thanks to their respective photographers.. or those who have exposed them. That’s why for my next feature, it won’t only be a cosplayer.. but the person behind the camera as well.” – katz

Feature n#2: Marko Villaluz.. aka Master Asia

K- Konnichiwa! Thank you so much for squeezing some time for me.

MV- It’s no problem at all 😀

K-  Whee let us start from the beginning, shall we? Your interest in photography, when did it start?

MV- It started when I joined the sesame photo workshop back when I was around 7. It was more like me loving to look at pictures than taking them.

K- Whoa you started that young huh? Photographer MUST-HAVES, what do you think one should be equipped with?

MV- Well, a camera~ XDD kidding aside.. other equipment aren’t really a necessity, but they do help a lot in so many ways!

K- Haha yes of course! Then, do you prefer working solo or do you participate in groups?

MV- With all honesty, I prefer working solo because I can think more but I participate in groups because it’s much more fun and a whole lot more interesting.

K- What can you say is your specialty? If none, what do you love most about taking pictures?

MV- I’ve yet to find out my nitch, but I’ve been having favoritism for portraiture.

K- Indeed. I’ve seen your other works, you could very well go into photojournalism too! Now, the Pros and Cons of Photography..

MV- It’s fun and it’s a good outlet for creativity. Bad side would be the cost. It’s not a cheap hobby, that’s for sure.

K- Oh I know. I have a brother who spent a lot on just the lens! How did you get involved with Cosplay Photography then?

MV- I started cosplay photography back in seifukuu of 2009. I just purchased my own camera that time and wanted to see if i could produce good shots with the little knowledge I had in the field.

K- Wow! I guess the same can be said for Toy Photogrpahy as well. You have tried to cosplay right? Who was your first character? And how did it feel?

MV- Yes~ my first character was Shozo from Rurouni Kenshin back in 2001. It felt good~ the cheers, and the fact that you get to see all sorts of costumes.

haha true that! Unfortunately, due to lack of sources Mr. Villaruz and I were not able to find that Shozo pic. Instead, he did some awesome cosplays as well. Check it out:

Harima Kenji of School Rumble

Jecht of Final Fantasy X

Oda Nobunaga of Sengoku Basara

Prince Dastan of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

K- Pictures aside, what other things you would like to do for yourself off the camera?

MV- Singing, dancing, training, and playing video games

K- Haha really? Based on your experience, how’s about a message to aspiring photographers out there?

MV- It’s about learning and having fun. it’s something you can do alone and still enjoy. it’s never a bad thing to try out something new.

K- Now, please tell me something about yourself that no one knows. Like, what makes you.. YOU?

MV- hmmmmm…. here’s a toughie…. *scratches chin* I like watching kung-fu movies.

No wonder they called you Master Asia hehe! Mr. Villaluz amazes me with his simple cosplays and yet they almost always look so convincing! I feel like watching his characters off from the TV/ PC monitor! Now I’m thrilled to see him on more diverse cosplays such as mecha and armor. Catch more from Mr. Villaluz on his DeviantArt and Facebook~!

Till next feature~! *MHEW*


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Happy Hario
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 10:19:18

    many thanks for the feature, dear~ 😀


  2. Sese
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 12:41:43

    naks ang wafu naman ni Marko sa last pic


  3. Maddie
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 05:41:06

    mukhang koreano si marko sa last pic 😀


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