Wig tutorial #1: Single High Ponytail

Ok first of all, I’m not an expert on wig styling nor has anyone taught me about this. I actually just saw a reference picture of how the wig looks like when it was done (not during the process of styling) and I just tried it for myself. So here goes:

Wig Tutorial #1: How to do a single high ponytail – the natural way?

We will work of Terra Brandford’s wig. Because I needed to learn how other cosplayers got their ponytails that high haha! Naturally, many professionals would tell you to wear a short wig first and clip-on a ponytail extension.

This, of course, looks a lot better right? But only if you’re in a hurry or want to make it look neat. Plus, that’s two wigs, it could cost you. I chose to do it the natural way, because I assure you, it is POSSIBLE. So let’s start!

Materials you need:

1 long wig (take note to get a wig that’s TWICE the length of the actual ponytail you’re trying to achieve)

1 Wig comb or any teethy comb (do not use normal hair brush, there is a specialized Wig brush for wigs too)

1 medium sized Hair Clamp (those finger-like hair things) or lots of hair anti-aging elastics (or what I like to call, Sanrios)

And a wig head! Or get a friend or family member to wear the wig for you because you can’t do this alone.

STEP 1 = COMB YOUR WIG FIRST. If it’s naturally curly, then no need.

STEP 2 = Wear/Place the wig on your Wig Head. If your wig has those adjustable straps underneath, make sure to fasten it. If not, use a bobby pin to fasten the wig on the top of the wig head. WARNING: Do not use pins if using an actual human head! *shoots you*

STEP 3 = Take 1/4 of the wig’s upper part (doing this equally with your comb) and fasten it with a Sanrio or a hair elastic band. The height depends where you want your high ponytail to be and this is how high I want my wig to reach.Oh look! You can see the wig’s skeletal frame from here! TIP: If you have any, always look at your character reference to be sure.

STEP 4 = Using your comb, take some parts of hair from either side, about 2 inches thick. Make sure they are no tangles!

STEP 5 = Pull that part gently towards the opposite end, OVER the tied-half of the wig. Using the hair clamp, fasten this. Repeat the same step for the other side. TIP: If you started with the RIGHT side, next do the LEFT side. And vice-versa.

STEP 6 = If you have been paying attention, this (below) is what it should look like from the side. You’ll notice how we have covered the skeletal wig frame I mentioned earlier! Make sure the hair clamp holds what you have gathered.

STEP 7 = Again, keep repeating Step#5 for each side, GOING VICE-VERSA until you have reached the bottom part of the wig. This (below) is how it should look like by now, from behind. TIP: Using your comb before gathering some hair parts keep the style neat & tangle-free. So don’t be in a hurry using your fingers.

STEP 8 = By now, the wig would feel a little bit heavy because the weight is all on top. Once you’ve accomplished gathering all the hair to the top, hold the ponytail with one free hand and gently take off the hair clamp with the other hand.

STEP 9 = If your character has a specific hair accessory, you can use this time to put it now on the ponytail. Like Terra’s hair, she has this pink/lilac head-dress with tassels. But all I can put is something similar (find below). If none, replace the hair clamp with any normal hair elastic band (not the Sanrio) or ribbon. TIP: Be patient when tying the wig! It takes all energy to pull the whole ponytail back & forth, like tying real hair. Like real hair, some stubborn strands will get in the way.

STEP 10 = Owarimashita! Meaning, it is done.. You have your high ponytail. YAY!

This is the finished wig-style! I cosplayed Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI. Her hair has always been a challenge to me because it’s not your regular ponytail. TIP: You can do the same for braids!! Check out what I did to my friend’s Bulma cosplay of Dragon Ball Series. She just added Bulma’s traditional red ribbon at the back:

I hope it was easy enough. Try it on your wig and send me a link here. I look forward to seeing your piece! Gambatte ne!

Next Wig Tutorial: Two high ponytails~ soon!

SEE ALSO: DeviantArt Version


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  1. Patsy
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 12:35:30

    Thanks for this! So helpful!


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