CosFeature #3: Keena Monteclaro

I started out as a con-goer back then. It mattered so much to me how accurate and realistic one person can go to look exactly like the character they are cosplaying. So I’d like to take this opportunity to feature some of my favorite Cosplayers, whom I’ve had such honor in meeting and befriending along the way.. -katz

CosFeature n#3: Keena Monteclaro.. aka Kynkyn

K- Konnichiwa! Whoa that glare is really melting me haha! Thank you so much for squeezing some time for this.

KM – Oh no, thank you, for choosing me for your interview ^^

K- Alright then. Let us start from the beginning, shall we? Your interest in cosplay, how and when did it start?

KM- It started from curiosity. I happen to pass by an event in 2002 and saw people in costumes. I did some research when I found out the term in a forum. And from there, everything started.

K- Tell me, did you make your first costume back then? Or you had it tailored?

KM- My first costume, Rinoa Heartilly, was tailored but I made sure that I would make my own props.

K- Truly a beautiful cosplay! *spazz* Do you prefer solo or group cosplays then?

KM- I prefer group cosplays. I started as a solo cosplayer before and the only thing I’m focused on was accomplishing the costume and be able to portray characters well. Group cosplay is much enjoyable because you get to help each other in every details in Cosplay (not only in costumes, but also make-up, preparations for shoots and if you’re competing, you practice together).

K – Those group cosplays really leave me speechless! How you organize such a band inspires me so much too! Not only you pick suitable partners for the right characters, but truly they enjoy being in your company as well. How much has cosplay taught you then? Pros and Cons?

KM- PROS: creativity, resourcefulness and well, perfection. I learned to be sort of OC when preparing costumes (but of course 100% accuracy isn’t possible). I learned a lot in craftsmaking and wig styling via research, self-taught, observation and from people who are willing to show me how they make their costumes. It excites me when I’m in the mood to work on details too because I take those as challenge (although there are times I easily get frustrated ^^;). Teamwork is also a must, especially if you’re having a cosplay project with your friends. CONS: I pay too much attention in this hobby to the point I sometimes prioritize this over some much more important things.

K – Have you cosplayed abroad as well? If yes, how can you compare it locally? If not, what could you have wished for?

KM- Yep. Cosplay in Singapore are really awesome. Even the simplest characters they were able to pull it off nicely by portrayal, make-up and on-cam poses. People there know how to approach you and ask photos of you. There are also people who do that here as well, but there are some who takes that opportunity from other people take their shot and walk away. I got used to it anyway but it’s sad that they haven’t changed.
Cosplay aside, what do you do outside the hobby/community? (what do u do when ur not cosplaying)reply) I’m working full-time ^^; and it’s really stressful just to go to work and back home since I live far.

Let’s not forget her AWESOME crossplays! This alone, is why I want to do crossplays this year haha!

Tsuna of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Zidane Tribal of Final Fantasy IX

Sora of Kingdom Hearts

Allen Walker of D. Gray Man

K- Gahhh! *fangirl mode off* Hookay, now based on your experience, how’s about a message to aspiring cosplayers out there?

RESEARCH. It is an important factor you’ll need to do when you Cosplay. You want to cosplay a character, good, you just made a choice then research follows next. Research can widen your knowledge about the character, the things you’ll need for it, and whole a lot more. Research brings wonderful discovery, I assure you that and it’s fun gaining knowledge. XD

Yosh! That certainly got my juices flowing! But just like Ms. Monteclaro’s passion for group shots, it is equally amazing when she stands alone too. Wahh those facial expressions are to die for!! haha many thanks again Kynkyn, you have made my day!

Namie Amuro – Teen Queen of JPOP/Hip-hop music

Till next feature~! *mhew*


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