CosFeature #2: Marko Villaluz

“I believe a photograph is worth a thousand words. What makes it more worth is when you have captured an amazing photo! A cosplayer’s existence is exposed thanks to their respective photographers.. or those who have exposed them. That’s why for my next feature, it won’t only be a cosplayer.. but the person behind the camera as well.” – katz

Feature n#2: Marko Villaluz.. aka Master Asia

K- Konnichiwa! Thank you so much for squeezing some time for me.

MV- It’s no problem at all 😀

K-  Whee let us start from the beginning, shall we? Your interest in photography, when did it start?

MV- It started when I joined the sesame photo workshop back when I was around 7. It was more like me loving to look at pictures than taking them.

K- Whoa you started that young huh? Photographer MUST-HAVES, what do you think one should be equipped with?

MV- Well, a camera~ XDD kidding aside.. other equipment aren’t really a necessity, but they do help a lot in so many ways!

K- Haha yes of course! Then, do you prefer working solo or do you participate in groups?

MV- With all honesty, I prefer working solo because I can think more but I participate in groups because it’s much more fun and a whole lot more interesting.

K- What can you say is your specialty? If none, what do you love most about taking pictures?

MV- I’ve yet to find out my nitch, but I’ve been having favoritism for portraiture.

K- Indeed. I’ve seen your other works, you could very well go into photojournalism too! Now, the Pros and Cons of Photography..

MV- It’s fun and it’s a good outlet for creativity. Bad side would be the cost. It’s not a cheap hobby, that’s for sure.

K- Oh I know. I have a brother who spent a lot on just the lens! How did you get involved with Cosplay Photography then?

MV- I started cosplay photography back in seifukuu of 2009. I just purchased my own camera that time and wanted to see if i could produce good shots with the little knowledge I had in the field.

K- Wow! I guess the same can be said for Toy Photogrpahy as well. You have tried to cosplay right? Who was your first character? And how did it feel?

MV- Yes~ my first character was Shozo from Rurouni Kenshin back in 2001. It felt good~ the cheers, and the fact that you get to see all sorts of costumes.

haha true that! Unfortunately, due to lack of sources Mr. Villaruz and I were not able to find that Shozo pic. Instead, he did some awesome cosplays as well. Check it out:

Harima Kenji of School Rumble

Jecht of Final Fantasy X

Oda Nobunaga of Sengoku Basara

Prince Dastan of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

K- Pictures aside, what other things you would like to do for yourself off the camera?

MV- Singing, dancing, training, and playing video games

K- Haha really? Based on your experience, how’s about a message to aspiring photographers out there?

MV- It’s about learning and having fun. it’s something you can do alone and still enjoy. it’s never a bad thing to try out something new.

K- Now, please tell me something about yourself that no one knows. Like, what makes you.. YOU?

MV- hmmmmm…. here’s a toughie…. *scratches chin* I like watching kung-fu movies.

No wonder they called you Master Asia hehe! Mr. Villaluz amazes me with his simple cosplays and yet they almost always look so convincing! I feel like watching his characters off from the TV/ PC monitor! Now I’m thrilled to see him on more diverse cosplays such as mecha and armor. Catch more from Mr. Villaluz on his DeviantArt and Facebook~!

Till next feature~! *MHEW*


Dream Seoul ~ from MaJeKa w/ love!

Let me first start by saying, that this was one tiring event! My business partner and I had to come at around 8am to set-up our booth before event proper. There was one thing I noticed, the place was very spacious! But I didn’t mind at first, I knew that at every Kpop event, they would need a space this BIG.

Mjk Jess came around 8:30am to help set-up and we were as busy as bees. On one side we had the multiple accessories such as: girly kits, notepads, fancy mobile covers and purses, tiny plushies, foldable bags, mjk Dream bottles, and our Abrakadabox!

On the other side we have: more Plushies, our beloved crochet hats, Sun hats and new addition apparel from sister company Dissimilar Clothing.

By the time it was around 10:30pm, mjk Maddie came just as people were lined up outside and couldn’t wait to get in. To my surprise, the line wasn’t that long. Well, unlike my first Kpop event as marshall, we encountered a line long enough at an early start of 8am in the morning and reached till the next floor downstairs, just for the ticket booth! Yes that long! Read story here:

But nevertheless, the team and I were prepared for anything. At first, there were a few customers. Others were try-outs and passerby. Most were kids without enough cash. *sigh* But just as understood. The program started out with their 1st batch of performers.. then the 2nd.. the 3rd.. the 4th. X__x In my opinion, there was a LOT of dancing if you ask me. I mean, seriously!

I was half-worried that the attendees attention would always be on stage. That wouldn’t be fair for us exhibitors in general, now would it? But we don’t control the crowd, it is still their choice. So the team and I do our best to look presentable, fun like our products, advertise like crazy and treat people (customer or not) with equal respect and smiles! It worked though, we sold just as enough. We even gained fans!

More fun facts: As mjk Jess observed it, we were probably the ONLY booth who cam-whored throughout the event! Whenever we had the chance, it was a shoot here and a shoot there. Practically since we were a booth and a cosplay item in one. Well, I could personally say that I have never been more proud to work with such a beautiful team, gals and guys alike! *hugs*

Even lady luck brings us her blessings. One representative of the event’s sponsors came to our booth, saw our products and asked us if we would like to exhibit in their event this coming October. I was shocked! wants us to exhibit in Cosplay Mania 2011 WAHHHHH! Ok why am I spazzing? I am well aware that this event has always been the biggest in our country for years! Big enough for international cosplayers to even attend it! Now the person in charge of Marketing and Events, Sir Henry De Dios (aka sephiroth in forums) comes to our booth and offers a spot for their big event! How fortunate is that? *faint* I am told that this is a rare opportunity because exhibitors get picked, not volunteered! This is why I went home happy, a satisfied business woman. Even if I had body pains the next day. X__x

Now for the awards, our much appreciated THANKS to the following:

To Vince, our backbone on the mjk business.

To pepz, for his never-ending help on us girls.

To Devian and Sese of DISSIMILAR clothing, it has been a pleasure working w/ you.

To our fans who dropped by the booth and supported us, you know who you are! Of course, no other than God who made it all happen. ♥ MaJeKa is a success! Look out for us in the next kpop event on March.27 – KFEST COSPLAY CON 2011. Uri-nun no-rul sarang-hea (we love you)~!

Dream Seoul venue moved..


Due to requests from a majority of our attendees, we would like to officially announce that Dream Seoul which is happening on February 13, 2011 will now move to MEGATRADE HALL 1 SM MEGAMALL instead of Le Pavillon. Kindly repost. Thank you!”

– Tessa, Dream Seoul organizer

MaJeKa Shop

Main poster for MJK Shop

This year 2011, MaJeKa opens their little booth in the much awaited Kpop event: Dream Seoul, at the Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park, Pasay City. It started with just selling hand-made crochet hats online.

Additional items such as wigs, costumes, pre-loved items were included in the latter part. When someone saw potential in this little group, he made it come to reality. He stepped up and coordinated with the girls. Now how could they say no?

Among the best-selling items are the MJK Dream Bottles. It’s your zodiac in a bottle! It has your birthstones inside and a magic scroll that holds your personalities. It was the perfect gift for those mushy couples out there in the special month of love!

Among other things, they also sell those intriguing Abracadaboxes. Have you ever played Ragnarok? If yes, then you are familiar with BBB (big blue box). It’s like a treasure chest. You don’t know what’s inside but you know it is still a treasure. When you buy these Abracadabox, many treasures await you inside. It may be a mobile charm, hair accessory, earrings, pendants and many more!

And the fun part is.. the little Abracadabox Twister Game! Say Abracadabox thirty times without distraction and you get one more box FREE! Let the hunt begin!

We hope to see more from this shop soon! We will be there in every Kpop event, as well as Anime Conventions you will find this year. See you soon! :3

MJK Project#2: Ah my Goddess!

My wallet started to slowly die by the end of the month. I have finally past deadline and amidst the chaos in our company’s Tradeshow this week, it still came out successful. I didn’t want my wallet to suffer anymore coz’ I’m seriously loosing it, so I attended the last event of the month Metro Comic Con 2010. Unfortunately, I was still sick, down with another serious cough but I didn’t let it stop me from debuting our MaJeKa’s second major project: Ah My Goddess!

Oh my Goddess! group

Katz as Belldandy, Goddess of Present

Jessica as Urd, Goddess of Past

Maddie as Skuld, Goddess of Future

Once again, it brightened up things to know how much fans still love the old anime! I can’t thank everyone who supported us on this, friends and photographers alike!

MJK project#1: Magic Knight Rayearth

MaJeKa spent most of the time working on their 1st big group project . They had a lot of canvassing, research, encounters & adventures to build this. Until the awaited day arrived, they debuted MJK Project#1: Magic Knight Rayearth on the I AI ANIME event on Aug. 11, 2010.

Magic Knight Rayearth Group w/ Mokona

Me as Fuu Hououji

Jessica as Umi Ryuuzaki

and Maddie as Hikaru Shidou


Personally, mjk Katz was really nervous. It’s like thesis defense or stage fright or meet-the-parents feeling all over again. But thankfully, the group debut was a success. Most fans were really happy that they cosplayed an old anime. They’d like to thank all their friends who supported them (you know who you are), esp to pepz (for the extreme effort) ..uhh & their n#1 fan Devian Grey hehe! *huggles*